Lorenzo Patiño Council No. 2862 of Sacramento

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

Message from the President (1918):

I believe LULAC needs to be more aggressive in promoting civil rights. This is because despite the large Latino population in California, we seriously lag behind in both the public and private sectors as to the equitable distribution of jobs, education, social services, and health care.Some would say political empowerment through an increase in the number of Latino elected officials will create parity.That may be so in the future if we can also increase the number of Latino voters so that our voices are heard on particular issues.

On a personal note, I believe civic engagement by every Latino is the formula for success. This is because in our present society, there are more subtle forms of discrimination that are inhibiting our progress.We must ensure “conservatism” is not a veil to permit discrimination against ethnic groups, that religion is not a weapon against women and children, that education does not mean our children are important only to increase the “average daily attendance” of a school, that our youth are not the main target of law enforcement officials, and that parents have the tools to teach their children behaviors for success. 

I invite you to join LULAC to make one positive change.  We may not agree on all issues, but everyone can help keep one child in school, donate for one scholarship, or perform one civic function.  Goals are met one step at a time.

Thank you.  Hope to see you soon.

Luisa Menchaca

Luisa Menchaca, President
LULAC Lorenzo Patino Council No. 2862